Herriot, student tree

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Professor Jack Herriot

Prof. Herriot received his PhD in 1941 at Brown University, at the same time and place as Prof. Forsythe

At Stanford 1942-2003, died as emeritus 2003. Worked for the US Navy at Ames on Moffett Field from 1944 to 1946. Stanford news has an obituary.

year-of-PhD Name (last known location, email)

  1. 1968 Paul L. Richman - with George Forsythe (Bell Labs, Chicago <email >)
  2. 1972 David Stoutemyer - with George Forsythe (Univ. of Hawaii < >)
  3. 1972 Stanley C. Eisenstat, mathematics (Yale University)
    1. 1977 Rob Schreiber (Professor at Stanford CS 1979 - 1984, left for RPI, later at NASA, Hewlett Packard Research)
  4. 1973 Michael Malcolm - see George Forsythe ( Univ. of Waterloo; consultant) Prof. Malcolm student tree.

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